Smoke Mint - Quit Smoking With Cognitive Bias Modification 2.0.0

Smoke Mint - Quit Smoking With Cognitive Bias Modification 2.0.0



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Cognitive Bias Modification To Quit Smoking

Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) is a computer based therapy used to treat anxiety and addiction disorders. Studies show that CBM is an effective treatment option for anxiety, and there is promising, ongoing research on CBM for a variety of addiction disorders. Cognitive Bias Modification can help you quit smoking for good.

Attentional Bias plays a key role in nicotine addiction. Research has shown that smokers have an attentional bias for smoking cues - objects or behavior associated with smoking. In effect, smoking cues, such as cigarettes at a shop counter, will stand out to a smoker, triggering the urge to smoke.
Cognitive Bias Modification works by altering this harmful attentional bias. During the CBM session, 4 images will appear on the screen - 3 negative images (smoking cues) and 1 positive image (an image not associated with smoking). The user must tap the positive image as quickly as possible. Smokers will initially be drawn to the smoking cues, causing a slower reaction time. With practice, the user will learn to ignore the smoking cues and focus on the positive images. This will be reflected in a higher score, which means a quicker reaction time.

The majority of studies show that CBM is most effective after about 2 hours of therapy. It is recommended that you complete around 3 or 4 minutes of CBM sessions everyday for the first few weeks. This can be reduced to a maintenance level of about 5 minutes per week once you feel you have your nicotine addiction under control.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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